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How many employees can it handle?

TACT can handle an unlimited number of employees. The employee ID is up to 6 alphanumeric characters so you can keep your employees in alphabetical order.

How many jobs, tasks and rates can it handle in one week’s payroll?

You can have any number of jobs, tasks and rates for the same employee in the same week. There is no limit to how much detail you can enter into payroll.

Can it handle prevailing wage jobs - if so, how easy is it?

You can set up as many special rates for each job as are required. Each rate is associated with the type of work the employee is performing. TACT automatically calculates the proper rate to put in their paycheck by using their apprentice percent and benefits you are already providing them.

Can it handle pension plans, prevailing wage plans, 401K plans, pre-tax deductions?

TactWorks has worked closely with several providers of prevailing wage plans so that TACT can automatically calculate the best rate for your needs. You can select from several plans including those that maximize the benefit to the employer. TACT handles straight 401K plans with percentage or fixed deduction amounts. It also handles matching contributions from the employer and even handles the newest 401K-Prevailing Wage combination plans offered.

Does it produce a clear report for the worker’s compensation auditor?

TACT includes a Worker’s Compensation report that shows both the hours and pay in any given period for each employee, grouped by WC classification. It also shows the total sales and subcontracted amounts. It adjusts for overtime and double-time wages paid.

How flexible is it in assigning worker’s comp classifications?

Up to four default WC classes can be assigned to each employee. The WC class can also be overridden at the time you enter the payroll if you need more. The WC class can be changed at any time, even after payroll checks are printed and you posted to the General Ledger. If, after printing the Workman’s Comp report, you realize that you have put an employee in the wrong classification, you can easily change the classification for the entire period for that employee (or all employees in one class) and print the report again.

Does it produce all the mandatory reporting required for state and federal jobs?

TACT produces both Federal and CT State Certified Payroll forms including the compliance pages. It also produces the Monthly Utilization Form for one or all projects for any period. These forms are available in both dot matrix and laser formats.

What happens if I make a mistake when entering the payroll - how easy is it to correct?

Until you print the payroll check, everything you enter in payroll can be changed. You can delete entries, add more entries, correct hours, jobs, rates, etc. You can override the taxes calculated and change the deductions. After the check is printed, you can still change the job, task, GL number, WC class, union local - anything that doesn’t change the rate or hours on the screen. Even after posting to the General Ledger you can still change WC class and union local, if necessary.

Can I get one paycheck out in a hurry for layoffs, etc?

Producing a single check in TACT is as simple as pushing a button. Even if you have already entered everyone else’s detail, you can process and print just one employee’s check. You can then ask for a tax deposit check that includes this employee’s taxes with the rest of the payroll.

Does it handle my union requirements?

TACT allows you to define up to 10 union funds along with their formulas. You can base the fees on all hours, regular, OT and DT hours separately or gross pay. Reports are printed by union local showing all the funds and the calculation for each fee.

Can I get detailed labor distribution and burden reports?

Detailed labor distribution and overhead figures are available forever. TACT keeps all detail until you choose to purge it (maybe after two or three years). TACT shows you how much you paid in benefits, taxes and worker’s comp insurance for each employee on each job. You can get a labor distribution for all employees for a job or for all jobs for an employee.

Can I track benefits such as vacation and sick time?

TACT has four special "jobs" that it tracks in the system and shows on the employee’s pay stub. These are vacation, holiday, sick time and other absences. You can track the time even if you do not pay the employee for the time missed. You can get detailed reports at any time of the employee’s attendance. You can also have TACT automatically accrue vacation and sick time by the week.

Can I give reimbursements in their paycheck?

Reimbursements can be charged to jobs and included in the employee’s paycheck or you can cut them a separate check if you prefer. TACT also handles piecework, other income and a variable income that you can name.

Does it handle multi-state payroll in the same week for the same employee?

TACT can handle any number of states for any employees in the same week and will calculate the proper withholding for each state. It tracks year-to-date for each state for unemployment as well.

Does it provide information for unemployment claims?

You can get a list of all paychecks for any period for any employee with totals. You can also print an unemployment report that will show the checks between any two dates and show which weeks the employee worked and which ones he didn’t.

Do I get history on my employees of raises, layoffs, warnings, injuries, etc?

TACT automatically makes a history entry any time an employee’s rate or status changes. You can also add any kind of entry you would like directly into history. Employee history may be viewed on the screen or printed with the touch of a button. History is also automatically written whenever an employee takes a day off and whenever the employee’s benefits change.

What does the payroll stub tell my employees?

TACT’s pay stubs include this week and year-to-date on regular, OT and DT pay, salary, other income, variable income, piecework, vacation, holiday, sick pay, other absences, all deductions, gross and net pay. In addition it shows how much went into a benefit plan for the week. The also show how many hours were paid at each different rate.

Does it provide all of the weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reporting required by the government?

With one selection you can print 940, 941, Daily liability (schedule B), State Unemployment, State Withholding, a tax liability summary and tax deposits for a quarter or for the year. Tax deposit checks can be produced weekly or monthly automatically.

How long can I keep the detail of payroll on the computer?

TACT never deletes anything automatically. You can keep the detail as long as you like. TACT uses indexes to jump to all your data so it doesn’t slow the system down to keep the data.

Does it handle EFT and Direct Deposit?

TACT can automatically make a "hand-written" entry in your cash file for your Electronic Funds Transfer. It also shows you all the entries you need to punch into the phone to make the transfer. TACT allows you to define partial or full net deposits to both checking and savings accounts and automatically prints a report showing the bank information and amount of the deposits for each employee. It also creates type 6 ACH records that can be used by banking software such as PC Banking.

Can I change an employee’s ID after it has been used?

You can change an employee’s ID at any time and the system will automatically change it everywhere in the system that it has been used.

Does is track benefits that I pay to my employees?

You tell TACT how many hours that each employee gets for vacation, sick time and holidays. You also enter any other benefits you are providing such as insurance, training, 401(k) matching amounts, etc. TACT then calculates the amount per hour that you are giving to your employees in benefits. This amount is charged to jobcost whenever and employee works on a job and is also subtracted from the prevailing wage rate.

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How do I pay the bills - is there a way that’s compatible with the way I choose to pay (by invoice, due date, on account, etc.)?

TACT offers several ways to pay bills. You can pay a bill and print a check immediately. You can select any number of invoices for any vendors and have it summarize and cut the checks. You can tell TACT to pay a vendor on account and it will select the oldest invoices to pay. You can also tell TACT to pay all bills due on a given date.

What does my list of outstanding payables look like? Is it easily understood? Can I have the list by job or vendor?

TACT offers both summary and detailed aged payables reports. You can have them sorted by vendor or by job. You can also specify if you want the columns to be labeled with the names of the months or 0-30 days, 31-60 days, etc. You can print the aged reports for any date (even after you are posted to the general ledger), for any range of jobs or vendors. You can choose to have the report list all outstanding payables or just payables related to jobs or just payables not related to jobs (office bills). You can also print due date reports for all outstanding invoices or for just those from suppliers.

Can I find out how much I’ve spent with any given vendor over time?

You can print summary reports of payables for any dates showing the total invoices, payments and credits for that period, one line per vendor.

Can it handle discounts, barter, credits and mistakes?

TACT allows you to set up discounts by invoice or enter a lump discount as you pay the bills. You can always change your mind about discounts at payment time. TACT also allows you to credit both payables and receivables using an exchange account. This causes Jobcost to understand that you are not reducing your costs or your billing but are changing only the balances of the invoices. Credits can be applied directly to an existing invoice or may be entered as a negative invoice. Mistakes can be corrected simply by updating the invoice if it has an error or voiding the check if the payment is in error. You may also cancel the check before printing and the payable will go back to the way it was before you selected it for payment.

How does it handle subcontractors?

Subcontractors can be identified in the vendor file and then when you enter a bill from a sub, you can tell TACT to track the bill as a subcontract cost. You can get several reports showing subcontractor activity and information. You can have TACT print Lien Waivers for any checks that you produce.

Does it help me track W-9 and 1099 information?

TACT lets you store information about insurance expiration dates for each subcontractor, the date you received their W-9 and their 1099 number. TACT then warns you if you are missing information when you enter a bill from the subcontractor.

Does it handle retainage?

TACT allows you to enter a retainage amount on any invoice from a subcontractor. When paying by invoice, you can specify whether or not to pay the retainage.

Can I use Purchase Orders and track the balance?

TACT has an optional Purchase Order system that allows you to print PO’s and track the payables as they are entered against the PO’s. The system will let you know if your payables don’t match the PO and allow you to decide to close the PO or not. You can also track outstanding items on a PO if you wish, and the system will warn you if items have not been received when you enter the bill. You can get a list of outstanding PO’s and/or outstanding items at any time.

Does it track the taxes I pay on my invoices?

You can specify if tax is included on any invoice and TACT will break out the tax amount and track it for you. You can then print a Taxes Paid report that will show you the taxes paid by job.

Does it track Use Tax?

You can choose to track use tax in payables. You can have a separate rate for both city and state use tax. You can specify the use and sales tax rules when setting up the job to make data entry easier.

What if I put a payable to the wrong job?

With TACT you simply update the payable and change the job - no additional entries, no reversals. If you discover the error after you have posted to the General Ledger, you can make a jobcost adjustment or you can reverse the payable and enter it correctly if you choose.

What if I pay the wrong bill?

You have several choices. If you have not yet printed the check you can cancel it and then it is just as if you had never selected the bill for payment. If you have already printed the checks, simply void it and the bill goes back to its original balance. You never need to enter the bill again.

Can I change a vendor’s ID after I have used it?

TACT allows you to change the vendor ID at any time and then automatically changes everywhere in the system that it has been used.

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Does it do AIA Billing?

TACT’s AIA Billing is incredibly easy. TACT automatically generates an Accounts Receivable invoice for the billing and tracks the retainage. AIA forms are available in both dot matrix and laser formats. TACT can also print AIA Change Order forms.

How easy is it to change a requisition?

You can change any requisition at any time and get adjusted requisitions for all dates following.

Can I change the retainage in the middle of the job?

TACT can automatically adjust the retainage on a job at any time and give you a requisition that asks for the change amount to be paid.

Can I start over if the owner or GC changes his mind completely?

You can change the schedule of values at any time and have it reflected in all requisitions. You can also delete requisitions and start again.

Can it handle T&M Billing?

TACT has an optional T&M Billing module that allows you to create multi-page invoices with a lookup of prices.

Does it interface to a pricing database?

You can buy a database from Trade Services, make up your own, or use a combination of both.

Will it automatically update inventory while I bill?

TACT will automatically interface the items billed to TACT’s optional Inventory module. It will reduce the inventory count for each item billed.

Can I offer discounts for quick payment?

TACT will print a discount amount based on a percentage of the invoice (before tax) for payment by a certain date, if desired.

Can I put a detailed description on the invoice?

TACT allows up to 30 lines of detailed description on its standard invoices. T&M Billing also offers description within the line items you are billing.

Do I need special invoice forms and how much do they cost?

You can use standard letterhead for TACT invoices or you can use plain paper and TACT will print your name, address, phone and an additional line of information for you on each invoice. No special forms are required. If you are printing laser invoices, you can specify up to 5 copies and tell TACT what you want to call each copy (e.g. ORIGINAL, CUSTOMER COPY, JOB FOLDER, etc.)

Can I send statements to some or all of my customers?

Both Balance Forward and Open Invoice Statements are available for any or all customers. You can choose to charge interest or not by customer.

How does it handle retainage?

TACT can handle both billed and unbilled retainage. Retainage is shown separately on the aged receivables reports. You can choose to include retainage on statements or not.

Can I issue a credit memo?

TACT allows you to enter a credit against any invoice and get a printed Credit Memo to send to the customer. You may also create negative invoices if you prefer.

How easy is it to apply checks (by invoice, on account)?

TACT allows several ways to apply the checks you receive. You can choose an individual invoice and apply the check directly, you can look at all outstanding invoices and pick and choose those that are paid by several checks from several customers or you can apply a check on account to any customer. You can then print deposit slips for the day.

Can I get the information I need to complete sales and use tax forms?

TACT tracks all taxes billed on invoices by Type of Sale and gives you a report for filling out your Sales and Use tax forms. You can also get a Use Tax report and a report of Taxes Paid in payables.

Does it give me information to help with collections?

There are several reports that can be printed to help with collections in addition to the aged reports and statements. TACT also offers a due date report to show you quickly which customers are overdue.

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Can I do a direct check or receipt without having to make an accounts payable or invoice?

You can make any payments you wish directly through cash without an accounts payable entry. You may use a vendor ID so that the default GL number will come up automatically or you may type the Payee in directly.

Can I reconcile my checkbook on the computer?

TACT makes it easy to reconcile your cash accounts. You just check off the items that clear and it checks the balance and gives you a list of outstanding items.

Can it handle multiple checking accounts?

TACT can handle any number of cash accounts including money market, savings, etc.

Do I need special check forms and how much do they cost?

TACT uses a multi-purpose check form that is the least expensive for you to buy. TACT does not need a form that is designed especially for a particular software package.

What happens when I hand-write a check?

You can record handwritten checks in TACT with ease - even payroll checks. TACT makes it easy for you to enter handwritten checks that paid a payable entry as well.

Does it handle petty cash?

Petty cash transactions can be recorded easily to expense the items paid out even if they are job related.

What if I barter or trade work?

When you need to trade payables against receivables, TACT knows what you are trying to do and will automatically adjust the jobcost accordingly. When you credit a payable to your exchange account, TACT does not decrease your expense on the job. When you credit a receivable to your exchange account, TACT treats it as if you had been paid on the job in jobcost.

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Do I have to close a period before I can do something else?

With TACT, you never have to close a period before continuing on to the next period. All entry works from the date you enter on the transaction.

Do I have to close the year before I can go on?

TACT allows you to continue into your new year indefinitely. TACT will distinguish between fiscal years and give you a proper income statement for the new year without ever closing the previous year. You can close whenever you are ready.

Do I have to close Payroll before I can do my first payroll in the new year?

Each year all you have to do is advance the Year-to-Date figures so that TACT can store a new year on the employee’s pay stub. You do not have to close your General Ledger or close Payroll in any way. You can even go back and cut payroll checks in the previous year after you have already had a payroll in the new year.

Can I see previous period’s financial statements even though I have closed later periods?

You can print a financial statement for any period that is stilled stored in your General Ledger. TACT keeps all Income Statement information forever so you can get income and expenses for any period.

Can I get comparative statements?

TACT includes two comparative income statement reports. One will show income statement figures for any 12-month period including prior fiscal years. The other allows you to name up to 5 periods to be shown on the same report - any 5 ranges of date, like 5 quarters or years or months or even 2-year periods.

Can I do "What If"?

TACT allows you to Temporary Post without actually posting to the General Ledger. This allows you to see what your financial statements would look like if you were to post permanently. Then if you need to make changes, you can, without having to make journal adjustments.

Can I keep books for multiple companies?

You can add companies to TACT at any time for a small additional fee.

Can I keep a budget and track it against actual?

TACT allows you to set up a budget for any or all income and expense accounts using a fixed amount or a percent of sales. You can then get monthly reports that show you how you are doing against those budgets.

When I do close, do I lose any detail?

TACT never deletes original entry transactions. You decide when you want to purge. This means you can keep any data on the system as long as you like. Purging is done by individual file so you could keep the payroll but purge the accounts payable if you like. All information entered into TACT stays available to you in its original form.

What can’t I do after I close a period?

With TACT, the only thing you can’t do after you close a period is change the amount of a transaction, GL number, Job number, Task number or ID (employee, vendor or customer, etc.). Anything that would not change the General Ledger or Jobcost can be changed even after closing a period.

What if my accountant gives me adjustments after I’m already in the new year?

TACT allows you to replace your starting balances for a new fiscal year even after you have closed periods in the new year. Then you simply print the financial statements for those periods and the new balances are reflected.

How detailed are the audit trails and can I print them any time for any account?

TACT saves every debit and credit generated by the system. The detail is kept for every job and task. There is never a question about how an account got its balance. The audit trail always points to the original transaction that caused the debit or credit. Audit trails can be printed in detail or any given accounts can be summarized on the printout if you don’t wish to see all the detail. You can also select to print the audit trail for any dates currently stored and for any range of account numbers. Audit trails can also be printed for prior fiscal years as long as the original data has not been purged from the system.

Can I get my statements on a cash, accrual or percent complete basis?

TACT is an accrual-based system. Reports are produced to help you or your accountant convert you to a cash basis for any period. TACT also produces a report of all jobs currently in progress and the over and under billings so that your financial statements can be adjusted to a percent complete basis.

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Can I get a jobcost report as of any date?

TACT allows you to calculate and print jobcost reports for any date since your last posting date. This means that, even though you have entered costs for May, you can still get the jobcost figures as of the end of April. Once you post to the General Ledger, the Jobcost figures are permanent also.

Can I make corrections easily, without having to do several transactions?

Whenever you make a mistake in TACT, you can always just update and correct it. If you put the wrong job or task on an invoice or in payroll, simply update the item and change the job or task and recalculate the jobcost.

How does the system determine the % complete on a job?

You have five choices in TACT for determining the % complete. You can have the computer calculate the % complete by comparing the estimated hours to the actual hours, total estimated costs to actual costs, estimated labor dollars to actual labor dollars, estimated units to actual units completed or you can enter the % complete yourself.

What information is tracked and how many levels down can I go?

TACT tracks regular labor hours, overtime labor hours, labor dollars, actual labor overhead, materials, subcontractor, service equipment, your own equipment hours and dollars, other costs for each job and for each task within the job. It also can track units completed for each task, if desired.

How is overhead handled?

Labor overhead is an actual figure calculated from the taxes paid (FICA, FUTA and SUTA), benefits provided (vacation, holiday, sick pay, insurance, uniforms, etc.) and insurance (worker’s comp and general liability).

Am I locked into tracking my costs according to my AIA schedule of values?

You can set up your tasks any way you like or not use them at all. There is no direct connection between the tasks on a job and the AIA schedule of values.

What happens to jobs that are already in progress when I start on my new system?

You can load all the costs to date into TACT on jobs in progress. You can be as detailed as you like or you can just put in totals.

Can I track costs that are not related to jobs?

TACT allows you to set up jobs that are not included in the % complete method of accounting. This tells TACT that job related costs cannot be used for this "job" - only office expenses. In this way, you will be able to see a summary of your costs for the office without having to look at a financial statement.

What reports are produced and do they show me what I need to know?

TACT produces many jobcost reports for many different purposes. You can see Estimated vs. Actual for jobs and tasks, total costs, productivity reports, month-to-date reports and detailed activity reports.

Can I get my costs both in detail and summary?

TACT provides both detail and summary reports - you choose how much information you wish to look at.

Can I do "What If?"

Because TACT lets you correct, add or delete transactions until they are posted to the General Ledger, you can calculate and review your jobcost without having to reverse any entries.

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Can I set up a list of equipment and tools for insurance purposes?

You can enter as many pieces of equipment or tools as you need and get a list at any time showing their value, purchase date, serial numbers, etc.

What information is kept about each piece of equipment or tool?

TACT stores the make, model, serial number, depreciation method, date purchased, purchase price, cost, condition and more.

Can I track service costs?

Service performed and costs of service are tracked. You can get an analysis out at any time of how much you have spent on service and what was done.

Can I track when equipment is due for service?

TACT will track equipment due for service based on hours used, miles driven or by date. You establish the next time service is due and TACT will notify you that it is time for service.

Can I track what jobs the tools and equipment are on?

You can tell the computer that you have signed out a tool to a particular job and tell it the responsible person and when you expect the tool to be returned. You can then get a list of all the tools that are on a job or see where a piece of equipment was last used.

Do the costs of the equipment flow through to the Jobcost and General Ledger systems?

When you use equipment on a job, TACT automatically posts the costs to the Jobcost and General Ledger systems. Since it is not an additional costs to your company, TACT makes a debit to job equipment costs and a credit to operating expenses to account for the costs on the job.

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Do I have to track each item used or can I just keep track of the value of inventory used on a job?

If you only want to track the value of items you use out of your warehouse, you can simply enter a Jobcost adjustment for the value of the items used. If you want to track the number of items used, you’ll need TACT’s optional Inventory Module.

Can I track multiple inventory locations?

TACT’s Inventory allows you to set up as many locations as you need. These could be warehouses or trucks or even sections in a warehouse.

How is the inventory updated - by PO’s, by billing?

Inventory is automatically increased when items are received on a PO. It is automatically decreased when billing items using TACT’s T&M Billing Module. You can, however, enter inventory activity directly without using either the PO or the T&M Billing modules.

Can I get detailed reports on inventory activity?

TACT tracks every transaction that affects inventory. You can see a list of inventory transactions by date, job or item.

Are there reports to help me do a physical inventory?

TACT produces a Physical Inventory worksheet that gives places for you to write down the number of items on the shelf.

Can I get the value of my inventory at any time?

TACT’s Inventory Value report can be printed at any time for all or just one location.

Can I use my inventory pricing to produce Quotes?

Quotes are treated just like Material Requisitions except they do not change the quantities on hand. You can then convert a quote to a Material Requisition if you wish.

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How easy is it to get to old data and review it?

TACT never deletes any data. It is always available in its original entry format. So you can go back and look at an invoice that you did three years ago if you have not purged the data. Purging is at your discretion. All reports can be printed for any period of time, even after posting to the General Ledger. So you can get a payroll report for an unemployment claim years later.

Can I get aged reports for any date and have them be accurate even after I’ve closed the period?

Aged reports are calculated for ANY date. TACT will automatically add payments and credits back in to give you an exact picture of what your aged receivables or payables were at any date, even after closing the period.

Is there a quick way to repeat the same information from screen to screen without having to type it all again?

TACT uses the F5 key to automatically repeat any field on any screen into the next record. So if you have several bills to enter from the same vendor, you only have to type the vendor ID once.

What if I put a bill to the wrong job?

The job number can be changed on any transaction up to the point that you post to the General Ledger. If you change the job on a Payroll entry, the system will warn you if it is a rate job so you can check the proper rate.

What if I pay the wrong vendor?

If you enter a payable to the wrong vendor and then pay it, you simply void the check, update the payable to correct the vendor and issue the check again. No need to reverse the payable.

What if I apply a check incorrectly?

Fixing an incorrect deposit is as easy as applying another payment for a negative amount to the invoice. This corrects both the deposit and the balance on the invoice at the same time and you use exactly the same kind of transaction that you used to apply the check in the first place.

How easy is it to get rid of old data I don’t need any more?

TACT allows you to purge data by file. You select the date through which you want to purge and whether or not you want to purge all jobs or just finalized jobs. This way you can keep just the important information and get rid of the rest. You can select to purge payables but leave all the payroll on the system. You choose the file and the date to purge.

How much data can I keep on the system at any one time and does it slow the system down?

TACT uses indexes to access all the data so it doesn’t matter how much data you keep. There are a few functions that would require looking through the entire file but these would not be done on a regular basis.

If I’m entering a bill and realize I forgot to set up a vendor or job, can I do it then without having to exit the bill?

With one button you can choose to open any other pertinent file while entering data into any file. While doing payroll, for example, you never need to exit the screen even if you need to change and employee’s rate, set up a new job or task, define a prevailing rate or even add a general ledger account.

How easy is it to verify my entries?

TACT provides daily verification reports for all areas of the system. They are optional so you don’t get reams of paper that you don’t need.

Can I view all reports on the screen without having to print them?

All reports in TACT can be viewed on the screen before printing - even invoices.

Can I see a history of vendors, customers, jobs, employees, etc. on the screen or print it?

TACT keeps history of each vendor, customer, job, task, employee, voucher and invoice and you can view it or print it with the touch of a button.

How easy is it to fix anything my employees or I mess up?

In general, TACT allows you to delete or update any transaction up to the point you post to the General Ledger. With TACT’s Temporary Posting feature, you never need to permanently post until you are sure all of the data is correct. And if you’re stuck, TACT’s unlimited telephone support system will help you find the best way to get out of the mess.

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How much does it cost?

TACT costs $9,900.00 for the basic network system for up to 3 users including Payroll with Certified Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable with AIA Billing, Cash, General Ledger, Jobcost, Equipment and Tool Tracking. 4-6 user network version is $10,900.00, 6+ users is $12,900.00. There are 3 optional modules, Purchase Order and T&M Billing are $500.00 each and Inventory is $800.00. Any applicable sales tax is the responsibility of the buyer.

How does the price compare to what I can get elsewhere if the functionality is the same?

TACT is priced significantly lower than other programs that offer the same functions. It’s hard to quote other vendor’s prices because they typically quote an individual price for each company. The lowest we have heard of for the same basic system is around $12,000.00.

Are there any other options besides purchasing?

TACTWORKS offers a rental program. You pay only for the installation and training time and then a low monthly fee that includes unlimited toll-free support and updates. There are no contracts, no commitments and you can chose to stop renting or to purchase at any time.

Does it have on-line help?

TACT has full on-line help for any field on the screen at the touch of a button. The help describes the field and gives you suggestions as to what to enter.

Are on-line and printed manuals available?

We currently provide a printed manual that is updated every two months as enhancements are made to the program.

What kinds of printers does it support?

TACT works on dot-matrix and laser printers. The printer must be able to print in DOS as well as Windows. We do not recommend ink-jet printers for business use.

What networks will it run on?

TACT runs on Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Novell (all versions). It probably runs on other networks as well but our clients don’t use any others.

What operating systems will it run on?

TACT is a 32-bit application that runs in a DOS Window in Windows 95/98/NT/2K.

What is the software company’s background and where is it going in the future?

TactWorks has been in business for over 15 years serving contractors. We are a family-owned business that only deals with construction software. We have over 130 satisfied clients across the country.

Can I talk to existing customers in my area?

There are more that 100 TACT users in Connecticut that would be happy to talk with you about how TACT has helped their business. We have several contractors in Nebraska, Massachusetts, Florida, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Colorado. You can choose to talk with contractors that are your same field or are about the same size as yourself. Our entire client list is available at all times.

Is financing available?

TactWorks will work with you to help you to get on-line with TACT as quickly as possible. We can help you with leasing companies if you wish to spread your payments out over a long period of time.

Will it run on industry-standard hardware?

TACT will run on just about any PC you can buy today that is Windows-compatible. It requires about 50mb of disk space for the program. Space for the data varies according to the size of your company.

Is it year 2000 compatible?

TACT is 100% year 2000 compatible. All dates are stored in 4-digit year format.

 AFTER THE SALE - payroll - accounts payable - accounts receivable - cash disbursements - general ledger - jobcosting - equipment / tool management - inventory - usability - before the sale - after the sale -

How is the installation performed?

We come to your offices and install the system for you. We set up icons on all your workstations and test the printing. We also setup backups from your server to any workstation.

How much training do I get and where is it performed?

TactWorks offers 20 hours of training at your office at your convenience. It is usually accomplished in 2 or 3 sessions but adjustments can be made to fit your schedule.

How much does it cost for additional training?

Additional training is available at your office for $100.00 per hour.

What do I do about getting the information from my current system into the new one? Is there help from the software vendor?

TactWorks offers data entry services using the output from your current computer system or hand system. We can enter any information you wish to give us and deliver the system to you ready to run with your data. The data entry is accomplished at our offices in our computers and then we transfer the program and data to your computer. We charge $50.00 per hour for data entry services. Depending on the export capability of your existing system, we can write conversion programs to automatically convert the data from your old format to TACT format.

How do I get support? Who do I talk to? What hours is support available?

Support is available on a toll-free number between 8:30am and 4:30pm nationwide to get support. You will be able to talk with either our construction bookkeepers or with our programmers, depending on your question. Most of the time you will be talking with the same person each time you call. The developer is always available for any problems that cannot be handled by the support personnel. If you need to call our offices outside normal hours you may still find one of us available to answer your question. And if you arrange with us beforehand that you will need our help outside of normal hours, we will do everything possible to accommodate your needs.

Is support available on a toll-free number?

TactWorks offers a toll-free number to all of its non-local clients for support.

How much does support cost?

Our unlimited toll-free support is as low as $125.00 per month plus tax and includes all updates to the version of the program you buy. No contracts are necessary. Support is an optional service. We also offer several other support options.

Can I get unlimited telephone support for a fixed price?

We encourage unlimited telephone support so you don’t hesitate to call us if you have a question and we can take the time to help you through your problem without worrying about running up your bill.

How often do I get program updates? What do they cost?

We send out updates every two months that include new ideas, better ways of accomplishing tasks, payroll changes and requests from our clients. We try to implement client requests on the next change diskette we send. Updates are included in the price of unlimited telephone support.

Can I ask for changes in the program? If so, how long does it take and how much does it cost?

We welcome requests for enhancement to TACT - that’s how we’ve grown so much in the past 15 years. If you have a suggestion that will help other contractors as well as yourself, we will implement that change as quickly as possible, usually with the next change diskette being released. Any request that is released to the other TACT users is at no charge to you.

Will custom changes put me out of the upgrade loop?

We will let you know if your request would mean that you would have trouble getting future updates and then we would try to talk you out of it! Actually, we have always found a way to give our customers what they ask for without eliminating the possibility of future updates. If your request is totally custom in nature (meaning other contractors might not benefit from the change) then we would quote you a price for making the change. Our programming rate is $150.00 per hour plus tax.